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Extremely Well Coded

You are amazing. the amount of counter code for movement is monumental! Bravo.
Ps: I liked the part where if you duck alot he throws his hand up in a rocker symbol to headbang!! Rox on Dude!

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Nice. Very good game. Bravo!

I easily played this for about 2 hours. after about the first, I had like 3 survivors, all the weapons, and had beat the game. Good game dude, I was thinking about making something similar. 5/5! BRAVO!


Was a good game.

I really liked this game. the graphics were good. although some BG's could have been cool. the enemies were well animated and so was the blood. But there seems to be a glitch or two. I would shoot the axe guys right in the head and they wouldn't die, not matter how many rounds I unloaded on them. and the regular enemies wouldnt die some times when I would shoot them. All in all a good game. Here is my first game: (damn. cant post a link, so if you wanna play just search "Combat Trainer" on the NG search bar.) pretty similar, but It could give you some ideas!

4/5 dude. make more, and try to fix the glitches.

good game, has a glitch though

I beat the PC, and it brought me back to select another level. when I did, the PC had its points from the last round!! fix that. 4/5

Shmip responds:

I know but if you then score or the computer scores a point then the scores are reset (apart from the person who just scored, theirs goes to 1).

Nice work!

I'm glad the tut I found for you helped. I can really see you progressing through things like this. if you want, you can add me on msn as well:
at = @ and dot = . yugio664ataoldotcom

4/5 dude! nice work :D (btw level 5 was blank when I got to it. oops?)

Its ok...

Not front page material, but It is judgement worthy. 3/5 :D

Over-Kill responds:

It simply was made to be a mini game for a competition. We each have to make 5 mini games and see which ones are best.

Good Game.

It could use some work, but over all a good game. If you want to be part of a production company called "Rusty Nut Productions (all rights reserved)" that will help you and stuff, contact me at Zeek664@charter.net

Iron Madden song....

to the guy before me: what the guy was saying is in an iron madden song. It is called the # of the Beast. so he was kidding. (good game too.)

i need to know

this game is cool, and i need to know something for my new game, Combat Trainer 2: Mechanical Assualt. i need some help with mouse masking and getting the gun to shoot when you click. can you help? my Yim is Stealth_monkey, aim is zeek664, and my emails are dothaley@charter.net and zeek664@charter.net

please help.

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GameFreak89 responds:

i don't have Tim or aim but i'll send u an e-mail now.. (even tho i'm responding to ur review about 5 months after u wrote it..)

"You son of a bitch! I gave you 666 different ways to die, and you picked #667..."

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